Ghosts by Post

from Colliding Lines

zines, 5 issue series.

Inside each miniature book are three microfictions; three lost souls for you to care for, fear and, ultimately, to forget. This five book series arrives one-by-one by post at irregular intervals, each dispatched in a sealed envelope for your eyes only. There are some surprises and Easter eggs along the way, but we don’t want to spoil the fun…

Written by Wesley Freeman-Smith, these sprite-sized stories are the perfect gift for the friend you’ve always wanted to unnerve but never known how. Who says ghost stories are just for Halloween?

Available to order now for yourself or an unsuspecting acquaintance. May contain traces of blasphemy, nudity, ectoplasm. Exorcisms sold separately.

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Colliding Lines Cambridge, UK

Art collective, DIY publisher.

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